Freedom means different things to different people. Some want the freedom to choose their own hours or tasks at work; some value the freedom of movement – to be able to travel wherever they please; some simply look for freedom of choice.

I know that too many people around the world do not have the freedom that they would wish for – whether because of the laws of the land, culture of their family or their own choices. I know that I’m lucky; I have a great deal of freedom and I truly value and appreciate it. Living in Sudan for a year I came to realise just how fortunate I am to have been born with a British passport to educated, liberal parents.

I don’t advocate any one path through life; we are all different and we make our own way. I believe in the freedom to live our own lives and to make our own choices, and I respect others’ decisions. After all, if we all chose to spend our days lying on the beach who would tend our farms, produce our food, maintain our housing and look after our health?

For me, freedom to travel, to control my own hours and to choose my work are important. I choose to live my life in a certain way. I respect your choices – but I do hope you’ve been free to make them.